Turkey Tail
(Trametes versicolor)



Turkey Tail  /ˈtɜːki/ /teɪl/


Turkey tail mushrooms are one of the types of mushrooms in which studies have been done to test their ability to aid in reducing the negative effects of cancer growth. They are utilized alongside with other types of treatment to combat and inhibit cancer growth.

     A breast cancer study with women, who has undergone chemotherapy and radiation, was done, in a six-week time period. They took various grams of turkey tail extract every day. Scientists found that the turkey tail mushroom extract increased levels of the immune system. The immune system was able to help fight the cancer. This mushroom has been found to be quite compatible, used with chemotherapy treatment in breast cancer patients.

    Scientists have done studies which show promising results with turkey tail that has a significant effect which encourages a person’s immune system to work at its best.

     Other areas of the body have been helped with turkey tail mushroom. This helps the digestive system to aid in getting rid of bad bacteria, so it can better be able to do its optimum level in protecting the digestive system.

     Turkey tail also helps to discourage weight gain, among those individuals eating high fat diets.

     These are just some attributes which this mushroom possesses. Many facets of this one mushroom protects and enhances the human body to do its utmost best job towards a person’s better health.














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