Tremella mushroom
(Tremella fuciformis)



Tremella   / trəmˈelə /


     The tremella mushroom contains 20% protein; It also has Vitamin D, which helps the body’s reparation of a person’s skin. This mushroom is encouraging the prevention of premature aging skin within the human body, it helps to keep the body nourished quite well, with skin hydration, so that we as human beings, can function at our best, and look and feel great, as well as having a more youthful look. There are even more promising studies shown more of what this hydration does, in keeping our joints supple, and in turn, helps the bones to maintain strength, as well, as we age.

     Inflammation is something that Tremella helps to prevent too. A 2018 study showed that inflammation is the cause of many health issues, including headaches, heart disease, high cholesterol, and even illnesses within the respiratory system, tumors, and more.

     The entire immune system shows encouraging promise with Tremella. This particular mushroom appears to help a person’s entire immune system to operate at its best level.






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