Shiitake mushroom
(Lentinula edodes)



Shiitake /SHiˈtäkē/


     Shiitake mushrooms are known for helping to reduce inflammation within the human body’s intestine. This mushroom also contains vitamin D. Cholesterol is helped on a massive scale with this particular mushroom. It balances the lipids, H D L and the L D L cholesterol. This balance is vitally important for the heart to keep doing its job at its best level. This mushroom encourages these three to maintain its health, so that there is either less or no build-up of plaque within the walls of the body’s arteries. This is important to keep the heart working at its best, so that heart disease perhaps will not develop.

     Fiber is also present in this particular mushroom. Fiber helps the gastrointestinal tract to digest all its food properly. This encourages healthy blood vessels to remain that way, as well as a reduction in inflammation inside a person’s body. This is great news!

     The shiitake mushroom is a perfectly natural way to help keep one’s bodily systems working well.






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