Poria Cocos mushroom
(Wolfiporia extensa)


Poria Cocos /pɔriə kōkɑs/

The Poria Cocos mushroom is believed to enhance health within a person. It encourages the liver to remove toxins from the body; It also helps in turning one’s food intake into the necessary energy that’s needed to help nourish and properly provide the necessary substance to continue performing its multi tasks for its survival.
Proteins and hormones are also encouraged by this mushroom to keep going to do its best; Another effect which is known, is that the Poria Cocos mushroom helps to maintain inflammation at its low level, inside one’s liver. This is a very important task for the liver. The liver takes in toxins, and this mushroom helps to take out the toxins, it is exciting to discover this undertaking of this mushroom.
Studies have begun showing that kidney function might also show an improvement with Poria Cocos. These are just a few things that this particular mushroom has encouraged the human body to better itself with. Serum cholesterol has also been shown to be lowered with this powerful mushroom.
More scientific testing needs to be done with the Poria Cocos mushroom. Its potential needs to be known in what more aid it can be in helping the human body to cope with a plethora of all types of unhealthy conditions.









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