Meshima mushroom
(Phellinus linteus)




Meshima    /meʃiːmə/


     The Meshima mushroom is known to help with the skin condition known as eczema. It has been shown to encourage the immune system to help alleviate the pain, and bad looking and bothersome skin condition.

     Inflammation is lessened by utilizing this particular mushroom. This contains helpful antioxidants, amino acids, and other assets contained inside Meshima.

     The digestive system is well supported and encouraged to do its job, by this mushroom.

     Studies have been done to show that Meshima also encourages and strengthens the immune system, with antitumor processes. The interaction involving anti-cancer drugs shows great promise with this mushroom, too.

     Diabetes is yet another disease that this mushroom helps. Blood sugar has been shown to be lowered, which helps to maintain the diabetes.

     These are just some of the processes at work, with the Meshima mushroom. More studies need to be done, to understand what more potency, that its properties possess to aid in curbing illnesses, and perhaps preventing such devastating ones. The whole of humankind will be helped with such ongoing scientific studies!




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