Maitake mushroom
(Grifola Frondosa)

Maitake mushroom (Grifola Frondosa)


Maitake /maɪˈtɑki/

Maitake mushrooms have been instrumental in helping to thwart the onset of symptoms which causes colds and viruses. There is more good news which these particular mushrooms help within a person’s metabolic system, A person’s energy works at a faster rate, due to its function of breaking down fatty acids in the human body. Good news is that this Maitake mushroom has been proven to enable a person to maintain a healthy blood pressure according to the American Medical Association.

     The Maitake mushroom discourages the bad cholesterol and helps with the good cholesterol to aid the body. The heart and vessels work better together at this point.

     Niacin, folate, vitamin D, potassium, and phosphorus are all helping the body to do well.

     Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer, NY conducted a study with Maitake, in 2009. They found that the immune system responded favorably in patients with cancer. This mushroom extract actually discouraged tumor growth, encouraged a healthy gene response, and it appears that malignant cells became less. This helped the body, while taking chemotherapy, and protected the bone marrow from an onslaught of cancers attacking it.

   Maitake mushrooms also contain antioxidants, beta-glucans, vitamins B, C, copper, fiber, amino acids and minerals. All of these encourage the body to remain healthy, in order so that a person keeps their body functioning well.






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